Chiropractic & Yoga Therapy

Monica has been a practising Yogi for 38 years. She is a doctor of Chiropractic and a registered Yoga Therapist. She consults from her home practice in Crabbes Creek, NSW and in Perth when she is teaching there.

Monica is a low-force rehabilitative Chiropractor using gentle adjusting and balancing techniques (NKT & TRT), cranial-sacral balancing (SOT), emotional stress release (NET) and applied kinesiology (AK). She prescribes rehabilitative exercises as well as yoga therapy techniques to help you to heal yourself. Yoga Therapy uses asana, breath work, mantra and the power of conscious intention as tools towards healing.

Monica combines an array of skills to help you balance your body, restore integrity, develop your breath, calm your mind and enlighten your spirit.

Monica is available for Chiropractic, Yoga Therapy and private Yoga tuition.

In Crabbes Creek and Perth by appointment only:

Or via Skype…

Email: [email protected]