• ‘The Breath of Yoga’ – Pranayama & Kriya with Gregor Maehle


    Learn how to use pranayama to harmonize the doshas (humors of the body) and thus attain a state of health and balance as well as how to still the mind, enabling spiritual insight. Additionally, you will learn how to liberate the breathing pattern, the use of breath waves, breath ratios, digital counting, contraindications and the therapeutic effects of all pranayama techniques. The kriyas are predominantly methods of purification of the body. They support the work of postures and aid in removing contamination from chemical, environmental, electrical, electromagnetic and radioactive sources....

    August 27 - 8:30 am - September 4 - 4:30 pm
  • Byron Bay Retreat with Gregor & Monica

    Byron Bay copy 2

    Join us on the beautiful beaches of Byron Bay to bathe in the light and warmth of all that is yoga....

    October 8 - 4:00 pm - October 14 - 9:00 am
  • ‘An Act of Giving’ Teaching Methodology with Monica Gauci


    Learn sophisticated verbal instructions combined with the essential principles of communication to help your students reach their desired goals. We teach you how to effectively structure, conduct and deliver various levels of asana classes safely to a broad range of student abilities. Learn about the role of the teacher and intra-class dynamics....

    September 24 - 8:30 am - October 30 - 4:30 pm
  • ‘The Transcendental Jewel’ – Yoga Meditation with Gregor Maehle

    Anahata Chakra

    In this workshop Gregor gives a precise step-by-step description of the meditation technique at the heart of yoga but also puts it into context with all other yogic techniques and how they contribute to the break-through to spiritual freedom....

    November 26 - 8:30 am - December 4 - 8:30 am